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Last Updated:  19:25 PM on the 20th August  Next Update: 07:30 pm

It's currently Dry and based on the last 12 hours weather trends we expect the weather to be partly cloudy with little temp change.. At the moment we have mostly clear skies with greater than 7 mile(s) visibility.

Today we have 14:19 hours / mins of possible daylight  compared to yesterday 14:23:00 (a change of -00:03:38 ) with the sun rising at 05:57 and setting at 20:16. Since the longest day on 21st June our daylight has decreased by -02:13 hours/mins.


Currently it's 18.0°C (which feels like 19.5°C), and in the last hour has changed -1.0°C/last hr. Current humidity is 61% with a high today of 94% and a low of 44%. The maximum temperature today has been 21.2°C at 2:44 PM and the minimum 9.5°C at 1:38 AM. Over the last week the maximum temperature has been 22.3°C and the minimum has been 9.5°C.

This day last year the maximum was 24.3 C and the minimum was 14.4 C. Our highest ever August temperature is 32.2°C which was in 2018 during day 3 , and our lowest ever August temperature is 2.2°C which was in 2014 during day 24.

The average temperature this month is  17.0C (compared to a 30 year average for the month of 17.4deg;C). The maximum has been 26.2C (on day 2) and the lowest 9.5° C (on day 20).

There have been 0 days this month where the temperature has gone below freezing (we would normally expect 0 days of frost in August) and 39 days in total this year (we would normally expect 30 days of frost to the end of August). Since midnight today we have had 00:00 hours of frost. Going the other way there have been 0 days this month where the temperature has gone above 30C and 4 days above 25C

The highest temperature we have ever recorded is 35.7 °C which happened in month 7 on day 25 in 2019, and the lowest is -15.3 °C which happened in month 1 on day 7 in 2010.


Current average windspeed is 0 mph (from a  North west direction). In the last hour the maximum gust has been 7.0 mph and the maximum gust today has been 24.2 mph at 4:23 PM from the N. The maximum gust this month has been 36.0 mph (on day 10). The average direction for the month has been West southwesterly.

The strongest gust we have ever recorded is 65.6 mph which happened in month 3 on day 28 in 2016.

So far today we have had 76.51 miles of windrun (yesterday 103.29miles) compared to our all time record of 334.2 miles on 13 1 2008.

Rainfall / Snow

Today there has been 0.0mm of rain (yesterday 2.4 mmm), which gives 46.9mm for the month (compared to a 30 year average of 53mm). The most rain we have ever had in a month is 222.6mm,which was in 2014 (month 1).

The most rain we have ever had in a day is 56.9mm which was in month 9, day 15 2009, and the most we have ever had in an hour is 33.3mm which occurred during hour 1 in month 8 on day 26 of 2015.  

So far this month we have had 13 days with rain and it's been 0 days since it last rained (on 19/8/2019). The longest period we have have had with no rain is 30 days, which was in 2014 (month 1).

Over the last week we have had 27.5mm of rain and it's been raining now for 0minutes This year we have now had 371.3mm out of our normal annual rainfall of 657mm)

So far this winter we have had 10.0cm of snow, with snow falling on 2 days.  There has been 0.0cm of snow today (yesterday 0cm) and the snow depth is currently 0cm.  We estimate that snow will fall today at 2248mtrs above sea level.


Current pressure is 1024.9 mb and is Rising slowly, with +1.4 mb in the last 3 hours and +4.1 mb in the last 12 hours. The highest pressure recorded since Feb 1996 is 1049.1mb in month 11, day 4 of 2006 and the lowest is 961.8mb in month 3, day 10 of 2008

Air Quality Index

The current Air Quality Index (AQI) level is 21.1 which is Good

Under 50 is Good. 51 to 100 is Moderate. 101 to 150 is Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups. 151 to 200 is Unhealthy. 201 to 300 is Very Unhealthy and above 300 is Hazardous! These readings are taken from our Purple Air monitor and a full map and trend analysis can be seen here

The 2.5 micron particle measure is currently 5.1 which compares to 5.4 in the last 60 mins and 4.2 average for the last 24 hours (with a maximum of 7.0).

In this context Under 38 is Good. 39 to 88 is Moderate. 89 to 138 is Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups. 139 to 351 is Unhealthy. 352 to 526 is Very Unhealthy and above 526 is Hazardous!

Danger of Fire

The current Fire Weather Index (FWI) level is 0.6 which compares to 0.1 yesterday and therefore the danger of fire is seen as Low-Moderate. Under 7 is Low. 8 to 16 is moderate. 17 to 31 is High, and above 32 is seen as being Extreme / Catastrophic!

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