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Development of Long Term Weather Averages for Crondall (using Wisley as surrogate)

On 29th August 2012 the Met Office long-term UK climate averages leapt forward a decade. These 30-year averages are a standard way of assessing climate, providing a benchmark for a 'normal' month, season or year across all parts of the UK. They are updated as soon as possible after the end of each decade.

Crondall is not an official measuring site, but Wisley (about 20miles East of Crondall) is, and provides a very good surrogate against which to measure the Crondall weather data.

Long Term Weather Averages for Wisley and Crondall

For Crondall locally the new data supports the overall global warming trend with the average temperature rising by 0.7°C over the last 20years. Rainfall has trended up slightly due mainly to an increase in the number of rain days, with the second half of the calendar year becoming more wet.

Nationally the figures for 1981-2010 show that the UK's annual mean temperature is 8.84 °C, and that we get 1154 mm of rain each year. Crondall is significantly warmer and drier than the UK average.

The National trends are simialr to the Crondallweather experiences with temperature showing the most marked change, with the UK annual mean temperature being 0.25 °C higher for the 1981-2010 period compared to 1971-2000, or 0.52 °C if compared to 1961-1990. Other variables related to temperature show consistent trends - with the annual average number of days of air frost and snow lying having decreased for the 1981-2010 figures compared to the previous two periods.

All the data can be found  on the Met Office official website

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