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This latest weather information comes from a Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station and is updated every 5 seconds. If you find the dials are a bit small use the Full screen version and yes, those wind dials really do move to show you the strength and direction of the wind as it's happening. If you are struggling to get the animation to work, then we have both a non flash version available and also a text version which are also ideal for your mobile phone or any other internet enabled handheld. Latest weather warnings for London and the South East are now available here

Air Quality is really important and we've now installed a live monitor for Crondall which also links to Google maps to show not just Crondall but the whole world! Check out how our AQI index and PM2.5 levels are tracking.

If you are thinking that today seems particularly hot, cold, windy or wet then simply click here to see if a new daily record has been set, and checkout latest UK earthquakes here...

Wondering why it's still so cold, check out the latest jetstream map and see why!

 We've also just upgraded our Weather Webcam to give Live Streaming in addition to a larger resolution image which is updated every minute or so. Also checkout the new time lapse videos to see how the weather in Crondall has changed over the day.

We also now have a Weather Widget you can install on your desktop if you are running Windows 7 or Vista that will give you an immediate weather snapshot together with current trends. If you have your own web presence then we have a selection of free weather banners that you can pop onto your website, blog, or even e-mail signature.

And if you fancy setting up your own weather station, or simply want to check your own area, we have a wide selection of weather stations and accessories for you to purchase so you can enjoy the great British weather wherever you are. In addition we have a selection of weather related books, DVDs and even Music for you to browse and buy.

Although we are now out the season when the Autumn / Winter frosts start to appear, we can also alert you to excessive rain, wind etc. so make sure you stay ahead of the game and sign up for our free Crondall Extreme Weather e-mail alerts. As soon as our software records the event we will send you off an e-mail with all the details. Just click here or use the subscribe box at the top right of the page. And if you are confused about how cold it really is with the windchill then we have a special page for you here.

We have a wide selection of local and national weather forecasts available from the BBC, Met Office, MetCheck etc  for Farnham and Aldershot and you can also see the latest rainfall satellite radar map (including a rolling 24 hour animation and a next 3 hour projection) .  Or if you would prefer to do your own thing check out our special Weather Forecasting Stone  which can also be personalised to make it a great gift. And if you are thinking about more general shopping then check out our Shopping Channel in association with Amazon and have the chance to grab a bargain.

If you would like to see what the current weather conditions are like not just in the Crondall area but right across the UK (including a lightning map) just click here.   In addition to local conditions we have added a range of interesting weather and weather related trackers - check out the  latest UV Index and for something a bit different how about the latest jetstream map.  And finally we've now addeded a UK Latest Earthquake tracker (yes really) and the annoyingly addictive Live Shipping Movement tracker as well as the Live Aircraft flight tracker. If you are a sailor, or even going on the cross channel ferry then you may want to check out the current sea conditions with our Live UK Marine Buoy Map

As well as the latest weather we are now able to provide up to date local traffic conditions including the M25. And if you think the site is running a bit slow it could just be that your broadband connection isn't performing at full speed so why not check out our broadband speed checker , which also graphs the results achieved in the Crondall area by street!

We also have  the latest World Weather news and latest UK weather warnings issued by the Met Office:

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We've more detailed weather stats than you can shake a stick at.  Easiest way is to explore the drop down menus, (or click here for a page of weather graphs and climate statistics).

You can even see the station live on which is a truly amazing site. And if you just want a handy monthly weather summary then you can download a PDF file of the latest month, year to date and previous years monthly statistics (from January 2006) by clicking here.

The Weather station went live at the end of the January 2006 so the weather history and the comparative data is steadily being built up. Our site is hosted by Hostinger who really do provide a complete and very thorough service. If you'd like to see our approximate location then click here.

Although the weather site is primarily targeted as a service to Crondall, Aldershot, Farnham, Fleet and the surrounding areas we are receiving visitors from all over the world (over 160 countries at the last count), Here's a map of where the latest weather enthusiasts have logged in from:

Profile Visitor Map - Click to view visits

Of course there's lot more of the site than just weather.  Explore the menus and see if you can pick up a bargain  or we even have a whole range of Natural Herbal Remedies which may well help sort out a whole range of maladies - or just select from the very top set of drop down menus.   We've also plenty of bargains (!) scattered throughout the site - why not check out our latest venture with

 Enjoy your exploration .

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Temp Tracker

Avge^ Actual Diff
Jan19 5.0C 3.8C -1.2°C
Feb19 5.0C 6.3C +1.3°C
Mar19 7.3C 8.4C +1.1°C
Apr19 9.3C 9.1C -0.2°C
May19 12.5C 11.7C -0.8°C
Jun19 15.4C 15.2C -0.2°C
Jul19 17.7C 18.3C +0.6°C
Aug19 17.4C 17.1C -0.3°C
Sep19 14.7C 14.5C -0.2°C
Oct18 11.4C 10.6C -0.8°C
Nov18 7.6C 7.9C +0.2°C
Dec18 5.3C 7.4C +2.1°C
12mos 10.8C 10.9C +0.1°C
2018^ 10.8C 11.0C +0.2°C
2017^ 10.8C 10.8C +0.0°C
2016^ 10.8C 10.5C -0.3°C
2015^ 10.8C 10.7C -0.1°C
2014^ 10.8C 11.2C +0.4°C
2013^ 10.8C 9.9C -0.9°C
2012^ 10.8C 10.0C -0.8°C
2011* 10.3C 11.1C +0.8°C
2010* 10.3C 9.3C -1.0°C
2009* 10.3C 10.2C -0.1°C
2008* 10.3C 10.2C -0.1°C
2007* 10.3C 10.6C +0.3°C
^1981-2010 *1971-2000 for Wisley

Rainfall Tracker

  Avge^ Actual Diff
Jan19 62mm 24mm -62%
Feb19 45mm 67mm +47%
Mar19 44mm 58mm +32%
Apr19 47mm 28mm -46%
May19 51mm 36mm -30%
Jun19 44mm 97mm 120%
Jul19 46mm 29mm -37%
Aug19 53mm 48mm -9%
Sep18 54mm 76mm +40%
Oct18 78mm 56mm -28%
Nov18 68mm 89mm +31%
Dec18 63mm 84mm +32%
12mos 657mm 677mm +3%
2018^ 657mm 624mm -5%
2017^ 657mm 623mm -5%
2016^ 657mm 613mm -7%
2015^ 657mm 669mm +2%
2014^ 657mm 1,053 +60%
2013^ 657mm 728mm +11%
2012^ 657mm 825mm +26%
2011* 647mm 523mm -19%
2010* 647mm 542mm -16%
2009* 647mm 667mm +3%
2008* 647mm 547mm -15%
2007* 647mm 698mm +8%
^1981-2010 *1971-2000 for Wisley
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